16 (2): Data-Model Comparison

Eds: Lohmann G, Newman L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 16(2), 1-40, 2008


This issue focuses on paleo-data and modeling comparison and highlights the importance of validating the results of individual reconstructions and simulations. A variety of comparison methods are showcased. Updates on PAGES' programmes and recent workshops are also included.

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> Inside PAGES [p.2]
> Professor Tungsheng Liu: Obituary [p.3]

Science Highlights

> Linking data and models [p.4-5]
G. Lohmann

> Northern hemisphere atmospheric blocking in ice core accumulation records from northern Greenland [p.5-7]
N. Rimbu, G. Lohmann and K. Grosfeld

> Reconstruction of Quaternary temperature fields and model-data comparison [p.8-9]
N. Kühl, C. Gebhardt, F. Kaspar, A. Hense and T. Litt

> Maunder Minimum climate variability from wind and moisture-sensitive proxies and model simulations [p.10-11]
C.C. Raible, R. De Jong, T.F. Stocker and M. Yoshimori

> The Little Ice Age in southern Patagonia: Comparison between paleoecological reconstructions and downscaled model output of a GCM simulation [p.12-13]
I. Meyer and S. Wagner

> Three-dimensional radiocarbon modeling: A tool to assess the last glacial ocean circulation and radiocarbon chronologies [p.13-14]
M. Butzin, M. Prange and G. Lohmann

> Data assimilation over the last millennium using ensemble techniques [p.15-16]
H. Goosse, M.E. Mann, H. Renssen and A. Timmermann

> Facilitating proxy-data interpretation of abrupt climate events using model simulations [p.16-18]
A.P. Wiersma, D.M. Roche and H. Renssen

> PMIP2 climate model-proxy data intercomparisons for the LGM [p.18-20]
B.L. Otto-Bliesner and E. Brady

> Are paleo-proxy data helpful for constraining future climate change? [p.20-21]
T. Schneider von Deimling, H. Heldld, A. Ganopolski and S. Rahmstorf

> Volcanism and the Little Ice Age [p.22-23]
T.J. Crowley, G. Zielinski, B. Vinther, R. Udisti, K. Kreutz, J. Cole-Dai and E. Castellano

> The PRISM Model/Data Cooperative: Mid-Pliocene data-model comparisons [p.24-25]
M. Chandler, H. Dowsett and A. Haywood

> How unusual was autumn 2006 in Europe? [p.26-28]
G. Jan van Oldenborgh

> Risk prediction of Canadian wildfires [p.28-30]
M. Mudelsee and M.P. Girardin

Program News

> What can data tell us about past climate that is useful for the future? Data management in paleoclimatology [p.30-31]
> PMIP (Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project) [p.31-32]
> An overview of some current CLIVAR modeling activities [p.32-33]
> Towards an Australasian climate reconstruction for the past two millennia [p.34]

Workshop Reports

> Improving our understanding of the marine biotic response to anthropogenic CO2 emissions [p.35-36]
> Oceanography and Climate Change: Past, present and future scenarios [p.36-37]

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