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Prof. Anne de Vernal

Université de Québec à Montréal
CP 8888, succ. Centre-Ville
H3C 3P8 Montréal

  +1 514 987 3000 ext 8599

Expertise & Interests

Overview / specialty        Marine palynology; dinoflagellate cysts as tracers of past ocean conditions including productivity, temaperarture, salinity, sea-ice,seasonality; Ocean and climate changes of the Plio-Pleistocene in the northern Noth Atlantic and adjacent seas.
Official PAGES function(s)        QUIGS Leadership Team / CVAS Science Committee
PAGES interests        CVAS - Climate Variability Across Scales, PAGES-PMIP group on Quaternary Interglacials - QUIGS
Topics        Climate variability



de Vernal, A., Hillaire-Marcel, C., Provincialism in trends and high frequency changes in the northwest North Atlantic during the Holocene, Global and Planetary Change, 54: 263-290.

de Vernal, A., Hillaire-Marcel, C., Darby, D. (2005) Variability of sea ice cover in the Chukchi Sea (western Arctic Ocean) during the Holocene, Paleoceanography, 20, PA4018, doi:10.1029/2005PA001157.

de Vernal, A., Eynaud, F., Henry, M., Hillaire-Marcel, C., Londeix, L., Mangin, S., Matthiessen, J., Marret, F., Radi, T., Rochon, A., Solignac, S., Turon, J.-L.(2005) : Reconstruction of sea-surface conditions at middle to high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) based on dinoflagellate cyst assemblages, Quaternary Science Reviews, 24: 897-924.

de Vernal, A., Henry, M., Matthiessen, J., Mudie, P.J., Rochon, A., Boessenkool, K., Eynaud, F., Grøsfjeld, K., Guiot, J., Hamel, D. , Harland, R., Head, M.J., Kunz-Pirrung, M., Levac, E., Loucheur, V., Peyron, O., Pospelova, V., Radi, T., Turon, J.-L., Voronina, E. (2001) Dinoflagellate cyst assemblages as tracers of sea-surface conditions in the northern North Atlantic, Arctic and sub-Arctic seas: the new “n = 677” database and application for quantitative paleoceanographical reconstruction, Journal of Quaternary Science, 16: 681-699.

de Vernal. A., Hillaire-Marcel, C. (2000): Sea-ice, sea-surface salinity and the halo/thermocline structure in the northern North Atlantic: modern versus full glacial conditions, Quaternary Science Reviews, 19: 65-85.