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10-12 August 2005, Beijing, China

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9th IAMAS Scientific Assembly

The PAGES OSM is being held alongside the 9th International Association of Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences Scientific Assembly, which runs from 2-11 August 2005. The theme of the IAMAS meeting is "The Fascinating Atmosphere: Changeable and Changing". The scientific program will cover all areas of meteorology and atmospheric sciences from the surface to the middle atmosphere, both for the Earth and for other planets.

Many topics will be of interest to PAGES OSM participants. Of particular relevance are the following symposia that PAGES will be co-convening:

Date Theme Title Abstracts
Fri. 5 Aug,
Mon. 8 Aug
C1 Natural Climate Oscillations: ENSO and NAO/AO, Influences and Predictability view C1 Abstracts
Fri. 5 Aug C9 Explaining the Climates of Historic Times: Detection and Attribution of Anthropogenic Influences view C9 Abstracts
Fri. 5 Aug D4 Asian Monsoon Stability and Change view D4 Abstracts
Thu. 11 Aug F2 Climate Variability and Change in the Polar Regions: Causality and Prediction view F2 Abstracts
Mon. 8 Aug S2 Special Symposium: The IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report view S2 Abstracts

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IAMAS symposia are being held on Levels 2 and 3 of the Convention Center, posters on Level 2 and the commercial exhibition on Level 1 in Exhibition Hall 5.

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