Do you do outreach?


A survey to understand the motivations of scientist-led outreach and education

Following a discussion at the PAGES 2nd Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) on the role of paleoscientists as science communicators, and as part of a larger research project at Victoria University of Wellington, I am keen to assess the current level of science communication and outreach activity in the paleoscience community, the motivations behind scientist-led outreach activities, and the current level of professional recognition and extent of assessment of these scientists-led outreach activities.

 With these goals in mind, I have drafted the following 10-minute survey:

Your input would be greatly appreciated. The results will be shared in the upcoming PAGES newsletter. 

Questions and comments

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Ava Dow and Heidi Roop, a PhD student from Victoria University/GNS Science, take part in the "Ice Core Art" project. Photo Credit: Michelle Dow, Antarctic Research Centre.