Our visiting guest scientists


The PAGES office in Bern is busier than usual this Summer with two guest scientists, Gisela Winckler and Bernd Zolitschka, joining us on short sabbaticals from their institutions. 

Gisela Winckler comes to us from Columbia University where she is a Lamont Research Professor at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Gisela's recent research interests have focused on the role of aerosols, and particularly mineral dust, in the Earth' climate system. During her stay she will be editing an upcoming edition of PAGES news on “The role of mineral dust in climate” and exploring possible paths for paleo-dust science within PAGES.


Bernd Zolitschka joins us from the Institute of Geography at the University of Bremen where he is Professor of Geomorphology and Polar Research. During his stay he will focus on various activities related to the PAGES Varves Working Group (VWG) including editing a PAGES news issue about annual recorders; coordinating a VWG AGU session; launching the Varve Image Library on the VWG website; and writing a review for Quaternary Science Reviews.

PAGES does many things to try to knit the international paleoenvironmental community together, we regularly welcome and support guest scientists to come and work at our office in Bern. Over the years we have benefited enormously from their input. In turn, senior visitors benefit from an opportunity to get away from their home institution for a period to focus on a PAGES project or to develop new interactions and lines of research. Find out more about our current and past guest scientists here