Iso2k project update in Eos

iso2k logoThe Iso2k project of the PAGES 2k Network has published a project update report in Eos.

Titled "Piecing Together the Big Picture on Water and Climate", authors Bronwen Konecky et al. discuss a new database which brings together water isotope data from many sources, providing an integrated resource for studying changes in Earth’s hydroclimate over the past 2,000 years.

Measuring changes in the relative abundances of heavy oxygen and hydrogen isotopes recorded in natural archives provides a way to reconstruct local, regional, and even global climate signals.

The Iso2k effort is currently the only global hydroclimate database being constructed for the Common Era, and provides a comprehensive synthesis of heavy oxygen and hydrogen isotope records in a format suitable for regional-scale climate reconstructions or for data-model comparisons.

Read the report here.