PhD or postdoc, Zuckerman Postdoctoral Scholars Program, Haifa, Israel

Dr. Nicolas Waldmann from the Department of Marine Geosciences at the University of Haifa, Israel, is looking for a recently graduated PhD or a postdoctoral scientist who would be interested to apply for the Zuckerman Postdoctoral Scholars Program.


The Zuckerman Postdoctoral Scholars Program attracts high-achieving postdoctoral scholars from premier universities in the United States to do research at one of four Israeli universities.

Once they complete their research, many Zuckerman postdocs are expected to accept faculty positions at top North American universities, weaving a network of academic collaboration and goodwill that will greatly benefit US-Israeli scientific cooperation. For more details, please see the following link:


Dr Waldmann has a set of projects that relate to paleoclimate reconstructions utilizing both marine and lacustrine settings. The projects encompass exceptional records at excellent resolutions, with time frames from the Miocene to the Holocene and from both low- and high-latitude sites. For more specific details and a full list of possible projects, contact him: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The project aims to be carried out at the Basin Analysis and Petrophysical Laboratory at the Department of Marine Geosciences, University of Haifa.

PetroLab is furnished with state-of-the-art analytical equipment that include both field and laboratory gear, and will be made available for the purposes of the Zuckerman Postdoctoral Scholars Program project. For a list of all the analytical gear and further information on the group, please see the following link:


Deadline for applications is 1 June 2018. The application should be submitted via the Israeli host.

The fellowship is $US50,000 per year for two years, with high chances of renewal for another one or two years.