Asst/Assoc Prof, paleoecology & vegetation dynamics, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Utrecht University, The Netherlands, is looking for an Assistant/Associate Professor in paleoecology and vegetation dynamics.


The research group is looking for a candidate with experience in using paleoecological data and spatial modeling approaches.

Please note that the Department of Physical Geography is looking for three Assistant/Associate Professors, but five research groups within the department are recruiting.

Paleoecology and vegetation dynamics

The paleoecology group focuses on past ecosystems, climate-vegetation interactions and climate change and climate variability. Examples of topics that the department considers of interest are (in random order):

- quantitative and qualitative analysis of landscape dynamics using palaeoecological data;
- assessment of past landscape dynamics by integrated database approaches;
- modeling of spatial vegetation distribution and diversity on local to biome scale;
- human induced disturbance versus natural vegetation dynamics;
- high-resolution time-slice and time-series reconstructions of vegetation response to climatic change;
- spatio-temporal reconstructions of environmental change ranging from modern, Holocene, Glacial-Interglacial and Quaternary to Neogene.

The new research line will be developed in close collaboration with the available expertise on terrestrial paleoecology, quaternary geology, geomorphology, landscape dynamics, and hydrology.


The candidate holds a PhD degree in a relevant area, such as paleoecology, physical geography, environmental sciences, biology, earth sciences, or a closely related field.


Applications are due 31 March 2018.

This and the other positions are advertised on the Utrecht University website. See the full job descriptions here:

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Further information

Contact Prof. Dr. F. Wagner (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)