PALSEA2 scientific goals

DSC00441-330pixThe overarching goal of PALSEA2 is to better understand ice-sheet and sea-level processes that led to sea-level change during past periods when ice volume was similar to that at present, and hence societally relevant, by addressing the following objectives:

1. Document and synthesize data on rates, patterns, and budgets of sea-level variability during Quaternary/Pliocene warm periods and assess the ability of numerical and semi-empirical models to simulate these observations.

2. Estimate the sea-level/ice-sheet response time (and governing processes) to past “warm” climates and use this data-driven information to improve future sea-level rise projections; thus bridging the gap between paleo and historical observations and future predictions.

PALSEA2 is slated to operate from 2013 to 2017.