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The overall coordination of LandCover6k is the responsibility of Marie-José Gaillard and a Steering Group (see below). The group is organized into 3 main activities, which are implemented by 9 subgroups:

1) Land Cover (pollen-based reconstructions of vegetation cover)
Coordinator: Marie-José Gaillard

2) Land Use
Coordinator: Kathleen Morrison
Sub-coordinators: Emily Hammer (Data Manager) and Marco Madella
Webpage: supported by the University of Chicago's Program on the Global Environment (PGE)

3) Anthropogenic Land Cover Change modeling
Coordinators: Jed O Kaplan, Kees Klein Goldewijk, and Carsten Lemmen

Steering Group (and subgroup responsibilities)

There will generally be one steering meeting per year. The meetings of the steering group should be attended by the core group (8) and a minimum of one coordinator per subgroup (7), i.e. by a total of 15 members.

Core members
Marie-José Gaillard
WG and Land Cover Coordinator
Kathleen Morrison Land Use Coordinator, Coordinator subgroup 6; Co-coordinator subgroup 5 (India)
Eric Grimm Coordinator Pollen Databases
Sandy Harrison Climate modeling, PMIP link, Co-coordinator subgroup 5 (Australia)
Jed O Kaplan ALCC modeling Coordinator (subgroup 8), Global Land Project (GLP) link
Kees Klein Goldewijk ALCC modeling Coordinator (subgroup 8), Global Land Project (GLP) link
Shinya Sugita REVEALS model
Boris Vannière PAGES Global Paleofire Working Group
Peter Verburg Global Land Project (GLP)

In addition to the core members above, all of the Coordinators of the subgroups (below) are members of the Steering Group.

Subgroups and the Coordinators

1. N America

Land Cover Coordinators: Konrad Gajewski and Jack Williams
Land Use Coordinators: Thomas FosterAndrew Sluyter, and Lu Ann Wandsnider

2. Latin America

Land Cover Coordinators: Sonia Fontana, Thomas Giesecke, and William D Gosling (still TBC)
Land Use Coordinator: Bill Doolittle, Umberto Lombardo and Eduardo Neves

3. Europe

Land Cover Coordinators: Ralph Fyfe (Nth, Cent & East Europe) and Florence Mazier (Mediterranean)
Land Use Coordinators: Albert Hafner, Janken Myrdal, Zsolt Pinke, Stephen Shennan, Nicki Whitehouse

4. Africa

Land Cover Coordinators: Anne-Marie Lézine and Rob Marchant (E Africa)
Land Use Coordinators: Anneli Ekblom, Amanda Logan, Rob Marchant, Mats Widgren

5. Asia + Australia + Oceania

Land Cover Coordinators: Claire Combettes, Simon Haberle (Australia), Sandy Harrison (Australia), Ulrike Herzschuh (Russia-China), Anupama Krishnamurthy (India), Scott Mooney (Australia), Anne-Marie Semah, Hikaru Takahara (Japan and E Russia), Qinghai Xu (China and neighbours), Liping Zhou (China and neighbours)

Land Use Coordinators: Andrew Bauer, Laura Popova, Alice Yao

6. Land use from historical and archeological information

Coordinator: Kathleen Morrison
Co-coordinators: Carsten Lemmen, Nicki Whitehouse together with regional Land Use Coordinators from subgroups 1-5.

7. Methodology focused on the tropics

Coordinators: Anupama Krishnamurthy and Bronwen Whitney

8. Anthropogenic Land Cover Change (ALCC) modeling

Coordinators: Jed O Kaplan, Kees Klein Goldewijk, and Carsten Lemmen together with representatives from subgroups 1-8.

9. Pollen Productivity Estimates (PPEs) – review of existing PPEs, field work method, models, calculations

Coordinators: Jane Bunting
Co-coordinators: Marie-José Gaillard and Florence Mazier


Key participants

Name Specialization Affiliation LandCover6k interest
Kumar Akhilesh Archaeologist Sharma Centre for Heritage Education,Chennai, India

Asia (India)

Manuel Arroyo-Kalin Geoarcheologist University College London, UK

S America

David Anderson    

N America

Joan Clarke Archeologist UK

Africa, Middle E

Claire Combettes Paleoecologist Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Bondy, France

Oceania (NZ)

Basil A. S. Davis Paleoecologist IDYST, University of Lausanne, Switzerland


Mary Edwards Paleoecologist University of Southampton, UK

N America (Alaska)

Angelica Feurdean Paleoecologist Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, Frankfurt, Germany

Europe (E)

Didier Galop Paleoecologist, Palynologist University of Toulouse, France


Ryoma Hayashi Paleoecologist / Archeology links Lake Biwa Museum, Japan


Hajnalka Herold Archaeologist     University of Exeter, UK

Europe (C, E)

Louise Iles Archaeologist University of York, UK


José Iriarte Archeologist/Archeobotanist University of Exeter, UK

Latin America 

Christian Isendahl Archeologist University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Latin America

Stefanie Jacomet Archeobotanist Basel University, Switzerland


Jan Kolar Archeologist Czech Republic

Europe (E)

Petr Kunes Paleoecologist University of Prague, Czech Republic

Europe (E)

Mari Kuoppamaa Paleoecologist Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland


Johan Lindström Spatial statistics University of Lund, Sweden


Frank Mayle Paleoecologist Reading University, UK

S America

Chantal Kabonyi Nzabandora Paleoecologist Université Officielle de Bukavu, RD Congo   


Jeroen Poblome Archeologist University of Leuven, Belgium

Europe (SE)

Julia Pongratz Earth system modeling, ALCCs Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany


Laura Popova Archeologist Arizona State University, USA


T. Rathnasiri Premathilake Paleoecologist University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

Asia (Sri Lanka)

Parminder S. Ranhotra Paleoecologist Birbal Institute of Palaeobot, Lucknow, India

Asia (India)

Neil Roberts Paleoecologist Plymouth University, UK


Naoko Sasaki Paleoecologist Kyoto Prefectural Univ, Japan

Asia (Japan)

Anne-Marie Semah Paleoecologist Univ Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

Oceania (NZ)

Frank Sirocko Sedimentologist Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany


Martina Stebich Paleoecologist Research Station, Quaternary Palaeontology, Weimar, Germany


Silvina Stutz Paleoecologist Lab. Paleoecología y Palinología, Funes, Mar del Plata, Argentina

Latin America

Péter Szabó Historian Academy of Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic

Europe (E)

Pavel Tarasov Paleoecologist University of Berlin, Germany

Asia (E Russia & Asia)

Richard Thomas Archeologist University of Lancaster, UK


Dirk Verschuren Paleoecologist, Freshwater biologist University of Leeuven, Belgium


Poorna S. Yahampath Paleoecologist Sri Lanka



Climate/Earth system modelers following LandCover6k's activities

Name Specialization Affiliation  
Almut Arneth Climate/Earth system modeler


Pascale Braconnot Climate/Earth System modeler

Laboratoire des Sciences du climat et de l’Environnement, LCE, Paris

Victor Brovkin Climate/Earth system modeler

Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany

Martin Claussen Climate/Earth system modeler

Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany

Sandy Harrison Climate/Earth system modeler

Macquarie University, Australia & Reading University, UK

Thomas Hickler Climate/Earth system modeler

Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

Fortunat Joos Climate/Earth system modeler

Oeschger Center, University of Bern, Switzerland

Julia Nabel Climate/Earth System modeler

Max Plank Institute, Meteorology, Hamburg

Iain Colin Prentice Climate/Earth system modeler    
Joy Sargita Singarayer Climate/Earth system modeler
S America

University of Reading, UK

Gustav Strandberg Regional climate modeling

Swedish Meterorological & Hydrological Institute, Rossby Center, Sweden


PAGES' Global Paleofire Working Group members following LandCover6k's activities

Name Specialization Affiliation

LandCover6k interest

Jennifer Marlon   University of Yale, USA


Mitchell J. Power   niversity of Utah, USA

Globe and S America

Willy Tinner   University of Bern, Switzerland


Boris Vannière Global Charcoal Database University of Franche-Comté, France

Globe and Europe



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