PAGES 2k Network Town Hall

Contact person:
Sarah Eggleston, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The PAGES 2k Network will hold two online Town Hall meetings on 25 February 2021 for the 2k community.

The meetings are being held at two different times on the same day to cover different time zones.

No registration is required.


The PAGES 2k Network Phase 3 will end in December 2021.

Phase 3 coordinators plan to give a brief overview and update of Phase 3 activities, but most importantly, they would like your input!

In 2020, many people from the 2k community responded to a survey regarding the current status of the working group and potential future scenarios for the 2k Network.

A very brief summary of the responses was published in the latest issue of the Past Global Changes Magazine:

The Town Hall seeks to further advance community engagement and to foster development of post-2021 community-led PAGES initiatives (under the 2k Network working group or a new group) that connect past and present climate.

Apart from measuring the community's enthusiasm regarding future plans, coordinators also want to gauge interest in a 2k Network seminar series and ask for potential topics and speakers. Therefore, they invite you to propose topics and highlights that arose from 2k science within the last couple of years, as well as ongoing work that is of interest to the larger community.


25 February 7:00 UTC (find your time here)
Meeting ID: 975 4813 6535
Passcode: 449768

25 February 16:00 UTC (find your time here)
Meeting ID: 917 8767 7724
Passcode: 244799

Further information

Questions can be emailed to Sarah Eggleston: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.